Home » Jay Park on the 16th Annual Busan International Film Festival Special

On 7th of October, SBS Radio‘s PowerFM held a live event at Haeundae, titled ‘The 16th Annual Busan International Film Festival Special, Gong Hyung Jin’s CineTown‘. In attendance was Kim Suro, Park Yejin, & Jay Park of ‘Mr. Idol‘.

Kim Suro did not disappoint at the event, he was witty and hilarious as usual.  When Jay Park messed up after rapping freestyle, Kim Suro remarked, “This is the beauty of a live show. I like Jay like this, when he’s not all made up to go before a camera or on stage.”

And when DJ Gong Hyung Jin asked if Suro had learned any dance moves from Jay, he humbly answered, “I actually asked Jay to show me some of his dance moves. I danced a lot when I was in my twenties, but I can’t even compare myself to Jay“.

Actress Park Yejin stated that the shoot was so much more enjoyable because of Kim Suro, as he kept everyone on set laughing. “I looked forward to every single scene we had together and I was upset that I didn’t have more,” she said.

Jay Park was then asked, “Was there a time where you couldn’t overcome temptation and compromised yourself as a result?”, to which he responded, “What does that mean?”, evoking laughter from the audience.

Kim Suro stepped in and explained the meaning to Jay, and after understanding the question, Jay answered: “Whether it be acting or making music, I don’t do it if I don’t want to“.

And when he was asked if he was reminded of his 2PM days during the shoot, he replied, “Honestly, I didn’t have enough time to think back. I was too busy focused on acting while preparing my new album at the same time.”