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After Jay Park had recently made his comeback and win various number one spot in some music stations, it seems that his past controversies are not that much important since almost none are brining this up. But even they hide it, many fans are still curious about his current relationship with his past group, 2PM. There are many speculations about this matter but nothing had cleared up until on a recent interview, Jay Park had finally opened up about this matter. Check out below the said interview.


Reporter: “This may be an uncomfortable topic for you to discuss but I think it’s necessary for you to talk about 2PM.”

Jay Park: [Jokingly] “If it’s an uncomfortable subject, then you can just avoid it all together… [Smiling]I’m ready to talk about it now. I’m not uncomfortable, so go ahead and ask.”

Reporter: “I read an article that you don’t keep in touch with 2PM?”

Jay Park: [Calmly] “Yes, that’s true.”

Reporter: “If they don’t contact you first, will you take the first step and reach out to them?”

Jay Park: “If you look at it that way, couldn’t they contact me first too?”

Reporter: “If that’s the case, what is the biggest reason for you not contacting them first?”

Jay Park: “Just because.”

Reporter: [Confused] “Just because?”

Jay Park: “Just because. If I meet 2PM while recording a program, I think I’ll be very glad to see them again. Actually, during a recent recording of ‘Inkigayo,’ I saw 2AM’s Jo Kwon again and we cheerfully greeted each other with ‘Hey! It’s been a long time!’…I don’t know how 2PM feels about this but if I see them, I can gladly greet them.”

On the other hand, 2PM is currently in Japan to work out their activities and promotions in there. This is the main reason why the two parties do not have the chance to meet each other. Even though their feelings seem so distant right now, when both of them meet, we can be sure that there is still a sting between their hearts. After all, there is a bond that can’t be broken with the people you come up with, from birth to death.