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Japanese netizens launched an online war against Korean actress Kim Taehee and went to the streets to protest on October 15. The strong backlash started when the netizens found out about Kim Taehee’s stance on DokdoIslandafter she claimed that the island was part of South Korea.

A Japanese netizen under the name “Yuh” started organizing the protest online and announced that there would be a protest in Tokiwabashi Park in Chiyodagu, Tokyo at 2PM on October 15. A message saying, “Let’s all protest against the drama with Fuji TV anti-Japanese actress Kim Taehee!” was inserted with the protest details.

Meanwhile, a YouTube account member “PatriJapan” uploaded a video of the said protest and revealed that at least 550 people signed up for the march. The account also mentioned that at least 20,000 supporters cheered for them online.

The angry netizens who went on the streets were heard chanting, “Explain your anti-Japanese statement Kim Taehee!,” “Kim Taehee, don’t make business in Japan if you don’t like it!,” “We will remember the Japanese company who supported the anti-Japanese actress Kim Taehee,” and more.

The reason for the public protest against Kim Taehee dates back to April 2005, where she was claimed to have made anti-Japanese statements. In April of 2005, Kim Taehee made a trip to Switzerland with her brother, Lee Wan, and was photographed wearing a shirt claiming Dokdo was Korean while handing out CD materials related to the issue.

The backlash continued after Kim Taehee took the female lead role for the Fuji TV Drama “99 Days with A Star,” which made the said netizens question how the actress could appear on Japanese television as a lead actress despite her public opinion on Dokdo.

However, as is the case of most conflicting issues, a number of netizens harboured their own varied opinions on the matter. Some were quoted saying, “The actress who used to criticize Japan is now here to make money and the company who hired this very actress both need to be criticized.” Others defended the Koreans by saying, “The protesters are weird people, how could they just attack one actress even though they are jealous of Hallyu? It’s sad to think they’ve lost their heads in jealousy.”

Despite the rising popularity of Korean acts in Japan, sovereignty over the Dokdo Island continues to be a hot topic between the Japanese and Koreans. The dispute continues as both countries claim ownership for the islets, with allegations dating back at least one hundred years. The situation is further muddled by records of historical evidence of ownership provided by the two parties. The claims were further stretched as both parties challenged each decision with counter-arguments.

As of the moment,DokdoIsland is currently under the administration ofSouth Korea