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After immediately selling out tickets for the additional date of his arena tour in Japan, Jang Geunsuk is reported to be planning a different production on his concert in Tokyo Dome this November 26th.

The concert date recently made headlines after selling out at least 40,000 tickets upon its release. Tree J Company, Jang Geunsuk’s agency, also revealed that Jang Geunsuk is directly involved in the upcoming Tokyo Dome concert. The concept “Prince World” is said to be in progress with special invited guests such as Big Brother Kurt, Verbal Jint, JOOSUC, and Park Shinhye confirmed to attend.

With some fans already attending his previous concert dates last October, Jang Geunsuk wishes to give them a different concert experience and content by upgrading his previous concept and hold better performances.

Are you looking forward to Jang Geunsuk’s “2011 THE CRI SHOW IN TOKYO DOME : THE BEGINNING”?