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Recently, TVdaily had shared a very enormous fact about the trio JYJ. The group was asked on which of the members out of the group have the prettiest skin.

On the afternoon of the 25th of April on the cable channel ENT entertainment station “The Interview”, the group was then interviewed at the site of their current advertisement filming for a cosmetic brand that they are going to promote.

During the said interview, the members had chosen Kim Jaejoong to be the one of the group’s who has the best and prettiest skin. Regarding this matter, Jaejoong had commented, “Even though I would say it’s a little embarrassing that this is coming out of my mouth, but if my skin is not the best then bad things will happen.” and “Seems like I’m boasting”. On the second thought, the young singer and director was embarrassed while stating this, even tainting his cheeks with a rosy pink color.

And also, other members Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun had commented, “he really has milky skin. Without any flaws. And it isn’t even a problem if he doesn’t get a good night of sleep.” expressing the proofs that the latter really has the prettiest skin among the three of them.

He then also asked if he is having secrets for his skin care, he had revealed, “I really didn’t do anything special to care for my skin, and I don’t go see the dermatologist.” Junsu then also joked, “even without special care, it’s really all natural, what kind of talk is this~” and with him saying this, it had drew much laughter to the people around them.

Jaejoong also have a very pale feet which he did not like that much since he said that it draws a lot of attention and it’s a little different compare to other part of his body. This part was done on his another interview that only he was the one who are invited and the other members are not there. Fans then commented that Jaejoong really have the prettiest skin and sometimes they are jealous about it.