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Last week, IU revealed that she would be speaking frankly about her family and her past for the first time through KBS‘s ‘Win Win‘.

On December 13th, IU finally shared some stories about her past, which was impacted by poverty. According to producers, IU said, “When I was younger, I had no choice but to live separately from my parents because we were so impoverished. I lived with my grandmother, a cousin, and my younger brother for a year and a half in a studio room.”

She continued, “The room was always cold and there was never enough food to eat. We were barely able to live by on money my grandmother made from selling small hair accessories at the market. I rarely met with or spoke to my parents and consoled myself whenever I felt lonely that I still had my grandmother.”

Because of the poor conditions of her home, IU confessed that she liked spending time at the rehearsal room than her own home. “Instead of my lonely and cold home, I liked my rehearsal studio better. More than anything, I was glad to be able to eat as much as I could and sleep in a warm bed at night.”

A year before her debut, IU revealed that she had been dropped from 20 different auditions and had even been involved in fraud.

  • Neil Negrete

    So sad:( I didn’t know your super cuteness & beautiful smile hides something so sad,,but thanks to you IU k-pop was introduced to me your cute innocent look and angelic voice plus your guitar talent is superb! I love all things about you^^