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Rookie girl group Blady comprised of Darae (22), Bunhong (21), Kangyoon (19), and Sunyoung (19), their name is a combination of the words ‘black’ and ‘lady’.  Unlike other girl group who usually don’t stray too far from sexy or cute concepts, Blady opted to go for something strong, confident, and charming.

Darae revealed, “‘Crazy Day’ is a powerful song for powerful women.  The lyrics are strong and so is the choreography.  It’s just an expression of confident women.” Bunhong added, “When we first received the song, we were worried as to whether it was really okay to sing something like this on TV; that’s how powerful it was.”

For those who haven’t heard it yet, a part of the lyrics state, “The day I turned crazy because of you. The day I was hurt because of you. I’m going to go crazy. The day I turned crazy because of you.”

The girls made their official debut on August 18th through Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘.  “We were scared during the rehearsal, but not so much on the actual stage. We don’t even remember how it went.”

Kangyoon said, “My oppa, who’s currently serving in the army, called me after our performance. He usually doesn’t praise me, but he said, ‘I’m proud of you. You were amazing.’  I cried after hearing that.”

Sunyoung revealed, “I’m not sure how they found out about us to visit.  International fans will leave tweets for us in English, but since I’m not good at English, I can only reply in short sentences. It makes me feel apologetic.”

Darae continued, “I try to respond in English as much as I can. Fans will send us pictures that they drew of us and it’s just impossible not to reply.”

Sunyoung then stated, “There are infinite possibilities to the color black, and just like our name and color, we don’t want to just stop here. We’re going to continue adding members. At least three more members will be joining.” Member Darae said, “We’ve only just debuted.  We’re going to present a variety of different stages to the public and hopefully become a group that’s easy to approach, like ‘next door idols’.”

Kangyoon concluded, “Our ultimate goal is to make the public watch our stage with amazement. A group that surprises people with every new stage.  Our goal for this year is to be like the miss A seniors: to win a rookie award in the year of our debut.”