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Last week, it was reported that SM Entertainment was discussing plans for an SMTOWN concert in New York for October. According to the agency's official, while there were discussions going on, no official plans had been confirmed.

Just a few minutes ago, singer, actress, VJ, DJ and MC, Isak (real name Ida Simmons) from SM Entertainment confirmed that SMTOWN in New York would be taking place! She tweeted, "Oh yea~!!not sure if im cleared to say this but oh well!! looks like SMTOWNYC is a go~!congrats!!not sure im going tho...:("

Isak is currently busy with her musical "Spring Awakening," which started playing on June 3rd and will play until September 4th in Seoul at the Doosan Art Center. In July, she featured in YEIZON's 3rd single release, "In Muzik," her first recorded song since participating in SMTOWN's "2004 Summer Vacation in SMTOWN.com."

SM Entertainment went on their first world tour last year and visited Los Angeles, California for the first time, which turned out to be very successful. In September, SM Town will be visiting Japan and performing as well, after months of delay due to Japan's natural disaster in March.

credits: koreaboo