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Today, it was revealed through Infinite’s official fan cafe that they will be releasing a new album on September 26th.

The design of the page was altered to include a new, “Next Album”, picture with a date revealed underneath it. Though it doesn’t say more than that, it’s to be believed that the new album will be a repackage of their previous release “Over the Top”.

After the promotions for this next release end, the group will be heading to Japan to release their first ever Japanese single in the form of a Japanese version of “BTD (Before the Dawn)” sometime in November.

Infinite‘s fan cafe also had an update of its fanclub manager, further giving details about the group’s new release.

Hello. This is Infinite’s fanclub manager.
I have some long waited good news for Inspirits.
On 2011 September 26th!!!!! Infinite’s “repackage album” will be released.

Infinite’s 1st full album which received many good reviews about the good songs and the high quality result from a lot of people!!
In this repackage album there will be of course the old songs that received a lot of love and the hot new songs that are high in perfection
We’re ready to receive everyone’s good reviews.

Infinite’s first repackage album that they ambitiously prepared during their spare time while being busy promoting for ‘Be Mine’!!

During ‘Be Mine’ they showed a sexy and charming masculinity image, in this album the seven men will have a cold and even stronger transformation!!! So look forward to the image they’ll show to you all.

To everyone who sent us infinite love for the first album!! We will work hard to get even more love.
We ask for Inspirits’ interest and support.

Thank you.