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Infinite Leader Sanggyu revealed great news about their comeback~

“We worked really hard in making this upcoming album. Of course, the Han Jaeho & Kim Seungsu duo of Sweet Tunes participated in the album making as well as the bass player of Nell, Lee Junghoon hyung who made awesome songs along with the greatest producer in the hip hop scene, Penny hyung, who was in a team called Eternal Morning with Tablo hyung.

Jay hyung from MC the Max who also composed lyrics for “Wings” & “Voice of My Heart”, participated in the production of 3 songs along with the intro. And Song Suyoon nuna from Sweet Tunes who wrote beautiful lyrics and you can also hear a song composed by Kim Ina, who is the greatest composer as of lately.

Including the intro, there is a total of 10 songs which all are new. It will be a different album than the standard idols.. anticipate Infinite’s first official album lots .. July 21… it begins… Inspirit hwaiting!!!”