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‘Superstar K2‘ winner Huh Gak recently took his first formal step as a ‘rookie singer’ with his first mini-album, “First Story“.  Check out his interview below!


Q. “Should we consider this your debut album?”

“The song ‘Whenever’ is a song I received while on the audition program.  The rest of the songs are just remakes.  Aside from my drama OST, ‘Don’t Forget Me‘, ‘First Story’ is my first album containing songs all my own.”

Q. “Do you have anything to say as you make your official debut?”

“Every day, I’m filled with excitement and nervousness, as well as worries.  A lot of people have high expectations, especially since ‘Whenever’ and ‘Don’t Forget Me’ did so well.  I realized that people might be disappointed with my album, but as much as that is pressuring, I know that I have to work hard, just like the first time.”

Q. “What is your title track like?”

“It’s a traditional ballad.  People might think it’s just a standard ballad song, but overall, it tells a really sorrowful story of a break up.  The five songs in the album all connect into one story so that the entire album feels like a movie.”

Q. “Your title track is ‘Hello’ but the song is actually about saying goodbye.”

“My songs mostly talk about life after going through a break up, but still missing and being in love with that person.  The title just means that he hopes to continue saying hello instead of goodbye, because goodbye means it’s all over.”

Q. “Such complex songs require dating experience, yes?”

“I’ve been dumped a lot in the past so it wasn’t too hard bringing in those emotions into my song (laughter).”

Q. “Why did you choose to put forth the title of ‘rookie singer’ instead of ‘Superstar K2 winner’?”

“Ultimately, a lot of people remembered me as the Huh Gak from an audition program.  In order to break that, I needed the title of being a ‘rookie singer’, and I truly hope that that’s how people regard me as.”

Q. “You seem like a changed man now compared to your ‘Superstar K2? days.”

“My determination has definitely changed.  My feelings now are heavier and more filled with nervousness.  In the past, I was just a regular person that didn’t know anything, but now I’ve been signed under a company and am training as a singer.  Because of that, I try to be more careful with my actions so that I don’t come across as rude or disrespectful.”

Q. “What do you think is the difference between standing on stage as a ‘Superstar K2? contestant and now?”

“I think the only difference is the level of nervousness I feel.  I was really nervous back then because I was so inexperienced.  Now, however, singing on stages like ‘Immortal Song 2? and working with other real artists has made me even more nervous.  At the time of my audition, I focused on just enjoying the stage without any regrets, but now I realized that I have to be strong mentally to be able to work with other senior singers.”

Q. “After ‘Superstar K2? came to an end, how did you spend the past year?”

“I went through a lot of training, especially image training.  While recording songs, I had to imagine myself to be the person I was singing about.  I’ve always been a fan of emotional songs like this so it wasn’t too hard.  I also watched a lot of sad movies like ‘If Only’, although my favorite genre is action.”

Q. “You lost about 10kg ahead of your album’s release.”

“I have an old friend who used to be a body builder before he became a health trainer.  I invited him to live in my dorm with me to help out my meal planning and exercise.  I’m not a fan of sports or anything because I always thought that a singer just needs to be good at singing and didn’t care for my image.. but I gained a lot of weight and felt the need to lose it.  I still think I need to lose a bit more, which I’m planning to do while I’m promoting.”

Q. “Do you still meet up with singers from ‘Superstar K2??”

“I see them often, at least once every two to three weeks.  Andrew is studying so it’s hard to see him, as well as Kim Eun Bi and Kang Seung Yoon since they’re trainees.  The rest of us meet up at John Park or Kim Jisoo‘s dorm.  We all miss living with each other.”

Q. “Do the ‘Superstar’ seniors that debuted before you give a lot of advice?”

“Kim Jisoo likes to flatter me by saying that I’ll do well. The other dongsengs give me advice and strength.  I’m just glad that I’ll be able to see John Park often.”

Q. “Any goals?”

“My goal is to just do my best for every stage for this album.  As for my ambition, I just hope that it achieves good results and that a lot of people will enjoy it.  I don’t know how to do anything other than sing.  And whatever award it is, I’d love to be able to win an award.”

Q. “Last message for your fans.”

“My first album is finally out, and I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting.  I’ll work for as long as you’ve waited so that I can exceed your expectations.  Please support me and give me your love.”