Home » Huh Gak is happy winning MuBank than Superstar K2!

During a recent interview, singer Huh Gak confessed that he felt more grateful winning ‘Music Bank’ than he did when he won ‘Superstar K2‘.

He stated, “When I released an album as a singer last september, I rose to number one. This emotionally affected me more than winning ‘Superstar K2? did.”

During the audition program ‘Superstar K2?, Huh Gak won first place beating other Top 3 contestantsJohn Park and Jang Jae In.  He then joined A Cube Entertainment and released his first album ‘Hello‘ after receiving some vocal training.

Huh Gak also stated, “My ultimate dream was to become a singer. However, I also want to take the college entrance exam and go to college. I want to experience the campus life like other people.”