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Hello Venus
The rookie K-pop group Hello Venus captivates the hearts of their fans as they released their first mini-album Venus. Pledis Entertainment’s new group proves to be one of the hottest K-pop group to date.  Hello Venus made their debut on Music Core.  The debut track Venus is topping the music charts just days from its release.  It already reached the top spot on the music charts of Cyworld and Mnet.
According to Pledis Entertainment, they are very pleased with the positive response of the fans. They also encouraged them to continue their full support to the new K-pop group. The girls are busy with their scheduled performances on KBS, Inkigayo and more.
Hello Venus
The Venus album is produced by renowned Korean producers like Kim Eeh Na and more. The Hello Venus album Venus features dance tracks with happy tunes perfect for the young fans. The single Venus offers a catchy melody with loud beats. Other singles like Womanizer, I Go Crazy Because of You, Hello, Lime, Excitement, Love Appeal and more shows their versatility and spunk.
Hello Venus proves to be a promising K-pop group.  The group portrays a sweet and sexy image that is translated through their music.  The K-pop group is all about fun and entertainment, which reflects their image and song. The members of Hello Venus are Ara, Yoonjo, Lime, Nara, Alice and Yooyoung.
Hello Venus
Ara is the main vocalist and leader of Hello Venus.  She is the best friend of E-Young from After School. Ara auditioned to be a member of After School, but her best friend was chosen.  She attended Seoul Music High School.
Yoonjo is the lead vocalist of Hello Venus.  She attended Seoul Arts High School.  People may see some resemblance between her, Serri (Dal Shabet), Jessica and Taeyeon (SNSD). Yoonjo is a classical singer.
Kim Hye Lim or Lime is the main rapper and dancer of Hello Venus.  She attended Youngpa Girls High School.  She trained at Medialine Entertainment.  She is a back-up dancer of Lee Chaeyoen.
Kwon Na Ra or Nara is the muse of the K-pop group.  Aside from being a singer Nara is also a good actress.
Alice is the lead vocalist of the group.  She was born on March 21, 1990.
Park Jung Hwa is the lead dancer and maknae of Hello Venus.  She was born on January 23, 1995.
After melting the hearts of their fans with their latest music video, the girls prove to be a contender for new K-pop acts this year.