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Dubbed as the first foreign girl group to hold a three day concert in the country, the “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Taipei” was reported to have attracted a total of 31,000 fans. Drom September 9th through the 11th, Girls’ Generation was well received by their legion of fans at the concerts held in Taiwan’s Taipei Arena.
Girls’ Generation was originally planned to hold only two concerts in the country, but due to the overwhelming demand - another date was added to accommodate them.

The group performed their hit tracks “Gee,” “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie),” “Oh!” and tracks from their Japanese album such as “Bad Girl” and “The Great Escape.” Each member was also reported to have graced the stage with their own sets of solo performances.

To celebrate the event, their fans also prepared special surprise events for the group which delighted the members. On the first day, fans formed the word “????9 (SoNyeoSiDae9)” (2nd day – ‘FOREVER’, 3rd day – ‘????><’(Do not go!)) using green lightsticks, while they held papers with the message saying “Your SONE” on their second concert date (1st day – ‘Welcome back, We Miss You So Much).

On their third and final day, pink ribbons were thrown on stage and the whole venue after the group’s final performance of “It’s Fantastic.” Before the group left the stage, a surprise birthday party for Hyoyeon was also organized as she turned 22 on the 22nd of September. Girls’ Generation along with their fans chanted the birthday song in English for Hyoyeon.

Meanwhile, only eight members performed for their Taiwanese fans as Sooyoung still recovers on her recent injury. To apologize for her absence and send her greetings to her fans inTaiwan, Sooyoung previously uploaded a video message with her touching message.


Credits: koreaboo