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Fans of solo singer G.NA were suspecting that the agency of the singer, Cube Entertainment is planning to make a comeback for G.NA, as she posted few hints in her personal Twitter account.

On the 21st of July, it was reported that G.NA reveals that she was done shooting for her music video, but still, there is no confirmation from the agency.

According to an official, “She has finished all of her recordings in secret and is almost done. Her comeback is aimed for mid-August.” Also, the official added that the fans should expect the new G.NA and that the new album will exceed the “Black and White”.

In the midst of preparing for her comeback, G.NA did not realize she had been hacked by a spam bot, which took both her and her agency by surprise. As a result, G.NA has changed her Twitter name from @G_NA_Love to @ginachoi87.