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Finally the long wait is nearing its end; artistic girl group f(x) will soon be having their greatest and most awaited comeback! It was scheduled that on April 20th, their first studio album entitled “Pinocchio” will be release in the public market. This release will soon have the great promotional activities that will eventually begin after their albums have been distributed.

Earlier this week, the group’s official website has updated the teaser photos of member Krystal, Amber and Sulli. From April 7th, the three photos have been revealed accordingly and the other teaser photos will be updated until the 11th.

Their fans were all relived that Amber will be joining all the f(x) activities after the long hiatus. The company of the girl group, SM Entertainment had recently stated, “Amber will be joining f(x) for their upcoming album release, and will take part in all group activities. She will show off her stylish talent, and is determined to show off a brand new side.”

The comeback of the said girl group was a surprise announcement to the whole music scene of Korea. It started with the beautiful teaser photo of Krystal followed by Amber and Sulli. Amber is the one who had gained more comments and reaction since it has been a while for many of their fans to see her. Amber was wearing a unique kind of blue dress outfit while mixing it with some funky footwear.

All the girls are doing all of their best to impressed and to put people’s attention to their first studio album which is “Pinocchio” and by doing individual images with utilized and bright retro colors, fans are starting to get excited about the outcome of this album. Also, all of their fans are delighted and contented with the teaser photo of Sulli which gives her bubbly personality more on the spot light.

Fans commented, “They look so great!”, “what a good transformation is that!” and “I am sure that every one of us are excited for this album!”.

Let us all show our love and support for the awaited comeback of f(x)!!