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On the broadcast of KBS Music Bank last 29th of April, 2011, they had shown that comeback stages for Turtle, Kim Jongmin, After School, and Eru. And just like what fans had most expected Beckah had finally joined After School in their performance of “Shampoo” but she did not joined the performance for the “Let’s Step Up”. Beckah had said that she got an injury while having their practice for the comeback stages. Kim Jongmin on the other hand had taken his debut as a solo artist for the very first time without the other members of Koyote, Shinji and Bbaekga.

Girl groups was then dominated the show as 4minute, f(x), Dal Shabet, Rainbow, Girls’ Day, A Pink, Brave Girls, and Rania had performed on that day. Rania is finally backed to the Music Bank after not having their performance on the early week and now they have a new choreography.

CN BLUE, B1A4 and Ali were on the “Brand New Song” performance as CN BLUE had returned with their another title song, “Love Girl” after marking the charts with their “Intuition”  and B1A4 had shown that they are quite popular than the other newly debuted male group as they had performed “OK”. There are also other performers such as Go Eun, X-5, NS Yoonji, Clover, Ye Ara, Spinel and the eye catching performance of Supreme team and Yankie.

On the broadcast of the show, the two top girl groups that had competed for the K-Chart was f(x) and 4minute. Last week, Big Bang had taken the award with their “Love Song” and now the song was dropped on the 5th place as the f(x), 4minute, CNBLUE, Kim Taewoo and Rainbow had taken the places in no particular order. f(x) had won against 4minute and this is their first K-chart win. Members Luna and Victoria were seen to burst into tears and the crowd and MCs had cheered them as they frequently say “its ok” to the girls. Their leader Victoria had still managed to hold back as she had given her speech of thanks to their fans and supporters.