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Earlier this month, girl group C-real shot to the top of media headlines after being toted as the ‘five-member IU‘.

Produced by Choi Kap Won, the mastermind behind IU’s success, C-real has been in the making for two years now. The group is comprised of members Chemi, Re Dee, Effie, Ann J, and Lenny, who recently introduced themselves through an interview with E-Daily.

The girls began, “The public may not be used to us yet, but we want to get C-real’s name known by the end of the year. We’d be grateful to be given any nickname for our group, but ultimately, we just want to be known as C-real. We may be lacking since it’s our first time promoting, but we’re going to try hard to show our music and who we are.”

Chemi (18) is the team’s leader, and she confessed that her chubby cheeks are her complex. “My chubby cheeks are my complex, but I’m trying to turn it into a charm,” she said.

Rapper Re Dee (17) revealed that she’s the team’s energizer. “I have an excessively positive personality, and am prone to making a lot of mistakes.” She continued, “The other four members take care of me really well, so I love living in the dorm with them rather than on my own.”

Ann J (16) has a unique hobby of fixing electronic appliances while Effie (17) is said to resemble IU or even SNSD‘s YoonA upon first glance. Lastly, the group’s maknae, Lenny (15), is said to be like the team’s breath of fresh air.

The girls are currently promoting their title track, “No No No No No“.