Home » Fans got curious if it was a diss battle between Bobby and Rap Monster

Recently, IKON Bobby’s lyrics from his songs “Come Here”, YGGR” and “Raise Your Guard and Bounce” had caught the  fans’ attention for possibly pointing towards his fellow male idol group. It has been spreading about the speculations from the fans and from the recent tweet on BTS’s twitter , the questions have been raised again.

The lyrics of the song from “Raise Your Guard and Bounce” which goes like this “When stick-thin boyfriends all act tough in front of you girl” some noticed that the said lyrics are pointing to a boy group “BOYFRIEND” the word boyfriend but also due to “you girl” is the Korean title of Boyfriends’s “Obsession”.

In YGGR, the lyrics are “You guys have a long way to go. Boy group rappers which performed a clock dance on the stage “If you’re tone deaf, go practice.” These lines are particularly pointing toward VIXX on their clock choreography for “Eternity” in that same song. Bobby also told everyone to back down except for B.I., ZICO, MINO and P.O.

In “COME HERE” the lyrics are like this “They call me a monster” I never called myself that. If talent were looks, I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass”. Fans marveled if these lyrics were about BTS and specifically Rap Monster, because of the word “bulletproof” and “Monster”.

Some fans wondered that its more than just a coincidence that the tweet found on BTS twitter was approximately the same time when “Come Here” were released. They say that Rap Monster tweeted, which showed verbal hints “Do What I Do” that emphasized the lyrics “With that kind of skill how did you dare think to mess with me?”. By this , fans have a thought or speculation that there’s a subtle controversies between them.