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Currently, there are numerous amount of idol groups are popping out here and then, and this causes a lot of problems regarding the choices of their official colors. In the past, fans are using balloons to show their colors but now glowsticks were chosen to be the alternative in the concerts. If you could remember, the use of balloons started when the idol group H.O.T chooses white balloons. Later on, g.o.d chose sky blue and Shinhwa chose orange.

Every idols were in need to choose their own official color, but as they reach quite a number, the available colors are not that sufficient anymore. Just like in FT Island, their originally chosen color is pearl rainbow blue, but Super Junior fans protested that the color is almost similiar with them which is pearl sapphire blue. An ELF had commented, “When viewed from afar, you can’t even tell the difference between the two colors.”

Oftenly, the group who is more popular wins the battle. Just like CSJH the Grace who have the pastel rose pink as their fanclub color, SNSD fans stated that this is also similar to them who is just pastel rose. Because of this, SM Entertainment changed the color of CSJH to pearl pink.

As you may know, the current leading fanclub is still Cassiopeia, fans of DBSK. For years of using their pearl red color, the fans had created much memories and history together with their idols. This color is very important for them as they even reached the Guinnes World Of Records for being the biggest fanclub. DBSK fans does not want to share the color of their balloon as one of them stated, “fans and singers have lots of memories embedded in and feel a sense of connection through balloons. It wouldn’t be easy for us to give up our balloon color (to fans of other singers), even if our favorite group disbands.”

On the other hand, to have a unique way of showing their identity, fans uses other things to show support, some uses fans, glowsticks and even bandanas. YG Entertainment designed their own glowsticks for their artists’ fans just like Big Bang’s VIPs who uses crown shaped glowsticks and SE7EN fans who uses glowsticks that is in 7 shape.

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