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? Eunhyuk:

-Your dance performance tonight was amazing.

“It’s a high level dance called Freeze. While I was rehearsing, my arms couldn’t carry the weight of my body, so I fell a lot. I had to consistently work out.”

-Did you guys gather in Leeteuk’s room after your performance like always?

“Of course. We have this habit of gathering in his room after all of our overseas performances. Nothing special, we just like to tell teach other that we all worked hard and plan for the future.”

-What did you guys decide today?

“We made a promise to one another. We pinky-promised that we would promote as Super Junior 20-30 years from now.”

-You can’t seem to tolerate alcohol very well.

“That’s why I am cheering with my carbonated beverage. The ones that drink the best are Siwon,Shindong, Ryeowook, and others, and the ones that can’t even handle a single drink are me and Donghae. We still know how to have a good time being sober though (laughs).”

-You were recently selected as the ugliest member of Super Junior…

“Who told you that (laughs)? They only say that because it’s simply not true. I know I’m not the best looking, but I think there are at least three behind me (laughs).”

Eunhyuk shared a photo of himself from the ceremony on his Twitter page that night writing, “Mom I’m the champion!”, causing his fans who saw it to explode in laughter. It must be true that he knows how to have a good time, even without drinking.