Home » Eugene and Ki Tae Young on their home!

Newlywed couple Eugene and Ki Tae Young revealed their new home together through an interview they conducted with InStyle magazine.

Their home is actually the house Eugenelived in alone during her days as a single lady. Since then, famous interior designer Kwon Soon Bok helped remodel the place, andEugene has been busy having fun redecorating the place.

Overall, the entire house has a conservative look to it; the walls of the living room are painted beige, and their love seats are blue with orange pillows to accent. As for their bedroom,Eugenehas chosen an off-white color for the furniture and the bedroom walls are painted soft lavender. The walls in their study are painted with a bluish tint, and their bathroom is decorated in accessories colored in yellow-green and chocolate-brown.

Eugene and Ki Tae Young say that they actually promised to marry before they started going on dates.

“It actually still feels like we’re dating,” Ki Tae Young happily remarked. “I have someone I love, and someone I need to be responsible for. Maybe that’s why, but people have been telling me I look much more at ease now.”