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As you may know, early this year, KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung filed a lawsuit against their company, DSP Media. The incident atually ended up with the group still got back together. However, it was recently revealed from a statement coming from the SEoul Central District Court that DSP Media received a notice last 24th of June that a fashion company is seeking for the damages that they created because of the termination of the group’s contract.

The fashion company revealed, “The media has been reporting the incident where KARA’s members, due to issues relating to income allocation for the members, did not get along and wanted to disband. This incident has damaged our company’s label and image. DSP Media should pay us $445 million won (approximately $409,000 USD) in damages.”

There are some who explained that this company and DSP Media were involve in an commercial contract with KARA last year and so ended this when the three members filed lawsuit. DSP Media is still quiet about this matter so what do you think guys?