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Dream High
Dream High is a Korean drama that showcases the acting schools of various members from different Korean pop groups. The drama portrays the story of talented young individuals aspiring for stardom.  Dream High is one of the most successful Korean dramas for 2011.  
Dream High stars K-pop singers and actors Suzy (Miss A), Taeyeon (2PM), Wooyoung (2PM), Ham Eun Jung (T-ara), IU and Kim Soo Hyun. Suzy plays the role of Go Hye-mi who came from a wealthy family but fell into indebtedness.  Taeyeon plays the role of Hyun Si-hyuk which is the closest friend of Go Hye-mi.  His is talented when it comes to dancing and rapping. Kim Soo Hyun plays the role of Song Sam Dong who dreams of being a stock farm owner.  He fell in love with Go Hye Mi.  Ham Eun Jung plays the role of Yoon Baek-hee who is Go Hye-mi’s best friend.  But things turned out bad, and they became rivals.  IU plays the role of Kim Pil-suk who is a fat girl with a golden voice.  Jang Wooyoung plays the role of an American-Korean student who is good in dancing but struggles in singing.  
The story of Dream High starts in Kirin Art School, which is a popular institution of talented Korean stars.  The character has different backgrounds and personalities but shares the same goal.  They all want to become famous stars. Suzy uses this opportunity, so she can pay her family’s debits.  Kim Soo Hyun’s goal is to get Suzy’s attention.  Taeyeon wants to prove himself to his father. Ham Eun Jung wants to take revenge to Suzy. Their goals fuel their desires to succeed in Kirin Art School and become famous.
The young dreamers learn to develop and hone their skills.  They are immersed in activities like singing, dancing and songwriting.  As the drama progresses by, feelings and relationships starts to grow between the characters. Their characters are tested, and they develop their strengths and weaknesses. These young dreamers know no bounds when it comes to succeeding.  They do whatever it is just to reach their aspirations.  
Dream High 2
Because of the great success of Dream High a sequel was made.  Dream High 2 is the sequel to the hit drama series.  The story focuses on a new set of characters and new plot.  The Dream High 2 stars Jin Woon (2AM), Ji-yeon (T-ara), Hyorin (SISTAR), Kang Sora, JB and Park Seo Joon.  The sequel aired on January 30 and ended on March 20.

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