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BEAST’s Doojoon had recently expressed his guilt regarding his fellow members because of his acting activities. After member Kikwang had appeared on the popular comedy show “High Kick throught the Roof”, Doo Joon then put his acting skills for his participation in the situation comedy show of MBC, All My Love.

On a recent press conference of the group,Doo Joon expressed his own views on coming between the activities as a singer and activities as an actor. He revealed, “I’m happy to have the chance to try different things. If it is possible in the near future, I would like to participate in a regular drama as well.”

Because of the schedule of his filming, he can’t participate to their group’s Japan Tour. Regarding this, Doo Joon expressed his guilt towrdas the other members as he stated,  “I feel very disappointed. It was originally supposed to be all six members but it’s been changed due to my schedule. I feel very sorry towards the members.” He then added, “Although I have an interest in acting, my main responsibility is singing. In order to always be able to stand and perform on the stage with everyone in the future, I will be focussing on our singing activities more.”

On the other hand, the group just recently finished their promotions and will begin their activities in Japan for Bad Girl.