Home » Derrick Bullock apologizes for illegally using ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ instrumental


YG Entertainment has stated that they are going to take  action against singer Derrick Bullock, who had been using the instrumentals illegally for Taeyang‘s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” as his own for his song “Change Me“.

As previously stated, the singer had contended that his song was the original and Taeyang‘s song had been ‘stolen’ from him. As a response to this allegation, YG Entertainment said that they were taking action against the singer, and was successful in removing the video from YouTube.

From  then on, the singer’s iTunes link for the song has also been removed, and more to be taken off from many other music platforms, the agency stated. 

The agency revealed that, “In the recent past days, we have become aware of Derrick Bullock’s illegal use of our music and after our strong protest towards Derrick Bullock and music distribution sites, the services for his song on YouTube and iTunes have been stopped… In addition to those sites, his song will soon be removed from various other music platforms as well.”

The agency also revealed that his YouTube handler and Derrick Bullock himself admittedly told using Taeyang‘s song illegally. They apologized to YG Entertainment for what they have done, for not asking permission from them.