Home » David Oh likes KARA’s Nicole!

On 8th of October, singer David Oh had a fan meeting at the Hongdae Rolling Hall in Mapo, Seoul. During that event, the singer was asked about his ideal type would be like. David responded with, “My ideal type changes frequently.”

He cautiously continued, “However, I do like women with bobbed hairstyles.”  Guest Noh Ji Hoon, who accompanied David, candidly revealed, “He likes KARA‘s Nicole.”  David was startled by Ji Hoon’s unpredicted response and quickly explained, “I like cute girls.” Uncharmed, the MC immediately replied, “Which still means that you like Nicole.”

As the fan meeting progressed, Noh Ji Hoon complimented David by saying, “He’s a really innocent and kind guy” to which David responded, “Ji Hoon is really cool hyung, but he does have that bad guy aura.”

Lastly, Noh Ji Hoon finished off the meeting with, “David is practicing really hard.  He’s going to show a new side to himself that will blow you away, so please anticipate his upcoming work.”