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On the 29th, Davichi made a comeback for the first time in over a year by dropping their new mini-album, ‘Love Delight‘ online.

This album is especially noteworthy, since it is Min Kyoung’s first attempt at songwriting. During an interview with StarNews on the 29th, Min Kyoung shared, “It definitely wasn’t easy considering it was my first time composing, but I reminded myself to keep my eyes on the prize and I approached it genuinely.”

She continued, “Its a song that I wrote based on my past experience… I hope that you will feel my openness and honesty as I sing this song on stage. I will be singing about the emotions that I felt, and not about the heartache that someone else wrote about.”

“The lyrics talk about having been with a certain someone for too long. The relationship gets stale and dull, and you feel lonely even when you’re with that person. The song is about wondering if maybe you’re the one that’s grown cold, or maybe your love has just lost its flame.”

Davichi will be making their comeback performance on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank on September 2nd.

Their new album’s title song “Don’t Say Goodbye” is a medium-tempo track featuring a harmonious melody of string instruments and the piano that showcase the girls’ voices.