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Back in 2006, Davichi met the ‘Midas hand of music’, Kim Kwang Soo, on Chuseok and began training to achieve their dreams of becoming singers.

Haeri stated, “Every time Chuseok rolls around, the first thing I think is, ‘Wow, it’s already been x amount of years.’  It’s a time where I reflect on the past and make goals for the future.”

Minkyung explained, “Even if it’s only for just a day, it’s truly a sweet moment for us.  We can sleep as much as we want and eat delicious food with our family.  I’m going to catch up on the variety shows that I missed out on.”

This year, their full moon wish is different from the one they first made five years ago.  Haeri said, “I’m going to wish to meet an amazing man this year. My ideal type is someone smooth with an attention to detail. I don’t like bad guys; I prefer someone that can watch over me.”

Minkyung continued, “I’m going to wish for independence.  I want to live alone lately, especially because I’ve been waking up my family so often lately while working on the piano late at night.  I want a space for myself where I can play music and watch movies.

While working on their comeback album, the girls revealed, “There were a lot of nights where we couldn’t sleep because we were so worried. It’s been three years since our debut, and it’s an important milestone for us because we’re at a point where we can predict whether we’re going to become long-run singers or not. We know how important it is, which is why we paid special attention to our album’s concept.”

Haeri added, “Our biggest concern was whether we should go with a radical change or adopt a performance style using dance moves. We were even more careful because of how long our hiatus was.  Although we listened to the advice of those around us, it basically boiled down to our roots. We decided to just go with what we’ve been doing all along.”

Minkyung continued, “I’m really happy because the response has been so positive, which debunked our concerns. There hasn’t been a major slump for Davichi in the three years we’ve been promoting, and so we feel lucky. This is an important time for us, so we’re going to focus on our roots and our songs.”

Haeri concluded, “I want people to regard Davichi as ‘singers who truly work hard.’  I really like the phrase, ‘Silent but deadly.’  I’m going to continue working to grow and mature in order to show an improved image.”