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Dal Shabet make an interview with Sports World and showed their busiest day. 

They explained, “Sometimes we’ll have five schedules lined up at most, and at the least, two, in one day.  Are we tired?  No, we’re glad.  We’re always thankful that we can be busy.  Aside from music programs and such, we also go on radio programs and events in other districts.  Fortunately, on days like today where we only have a broadcast instead of an event, we can sleep in about an hour or two more because we don’t have to go to the salon.  Still, the members sleep in the car as much as they can.”

After rehearsing in their training room, they reach their dorm at 2 AM and fall asleep by 3:30 AM.  After sleeping for two to three hours, the cycle repeats itself since they must wake at 6 AM to get to the salon on time.

The girls said, “We have no choice but to always take vitamins and other health products.  We make sure to eat ’samgyetang’ during the hottest days of the summer, and our fans also give us health foods.”

Speaking on their anti fans, Dal Shabet said, “In the beginning of our debut, we had about 10,000, but now it’s gone down to about 3,000.  They’ve realized who we really are and thankfully like us now.”

Although they’re only eight months into their career, their mindset is as strong as any veteran.  Right after getting off ‘Music Bank‘, the girls eat dinner and go straight back into rehearsals.

“We’ve only been sleeping for two hours a night since two weeks ago.  After starting our broadcast promotions, we’ve been able to sleep an hour or two more.  When we’re not satisfied with our performance or our voice cracks during camera rehearsals, our feelings drop really fast.  We still try to smile for the fans that come.”