Home » Daesung’s Accident; Motorcyclist Probably Alive Before the Collision

On 19th of June, MBC’s News Desk had reported that the motorcyclist Hyun could have been alive before Daesung hit him. According to the report, the autopsy results revealed that Hyun fell from the motorcycle while driving because he is under the influence of the alcohol but then, there is no signs of being hit before Daesung‘s accident.

This report garnered that Daesung may be the one who took the life of the man, but there are still the possibilities that Hyun dies because of losing blood after he falls from the motorcycle. And so there are still no significant evidences regarding the issue.
The National Forensic Service stated that they had neither spoke or contacted with MBC regarding the incident and so what came out from the news are just a full speculation. “We have not released any statements regarding Daesung’s accident,” said a spokesman for the NFS. “The investigation is still proceeding, so there is nothing we can say right now.”

The group also stated that after they done an internal review, no one was found to have contacted the MBC as they stated,  “We don’t know who said such a thing, but there’s a high possibility that the broadcast was different from the truth.”

On the other hand, the results of the autopsy are set to be handed over to the police this day.