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The local Korean media, Dispatch had just revealed that Big Bang’s Daesung has finally made his first move regarding the incident. The family of the motorcyclist stated,“Daesung came a little while ago with YG officials. We received an apology from Daesung and YG and spoke of future arrangements.” Daesung had visited the family around 10:30PM on the 2nd of June with the 5 YG officials and lawyers as well.The family had also admitted that they are disappointed at first because of the delay of the apology as they stated, “A person just died. And Daesung was involved in the accident. We thought, above all, a sincere apology would have been the first thing to do.”

Daesung had went on to apologize first to the parents and on each of the family member of the victim as he bowed his head. The family had revealed,“At first, I was mad about it, but after meeting Daesung in person, I felt bad for the young man. He really looked in pain. He was involved in such a horrible accident at a young age, and I’m sure it came as a huge shock to him.”

They had also come up with the funeral arrangments that will be all taking care of by Daesung and further details are will be going to arrange as with the police investigations. The family then also revealed, “We heard that there was an investigation and the CCTV were being reviewed.” The family’s only wish as it seems is to have peace and a final closure regarding this matter as they stated, “The most important thing at the moment is the truth. Daesung apologized sincerely and promised to fully cooperate with proceedings in the future, so we’re going to trust him.”

Thay had also continued, “The dead cannot speak for themselves,” and “But at least they shouldn’t have to feel victimized. We hope for a clear investigation and to find the truth behind this whole accident. None of the parties involved should feel as if this is unfair or feel victimized. The police are currently the only people we can trust.”