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The Goddesses will be back!! After a very long wait, rumors and denials, after those three years of hoping, it was been officially announced that one of the greatest girl groups of all time, CSJH The Grace will be shaking the korean scene this coming July. On 27th of June, management company SM Entertainment finally revealed, “CSJH will be undergoing a new project for their comeback in the beginning of July. Please look forward to their new image.”

According to the schedule, the quartet is set to make their comeback on 13th of July with their title song called, VIP. Their company has also explained, “The revealed itinerary was only a temporary one. Another official one has since been created.”

For those who does not know, CSJH The Grace is a quartet korean group that debuted in 2005 alonsgide with their first single titled, Too Good. But then, the group went to hiatus three years later after they released Stand Up People in 2008.

Good thing to all of their fans, as we all know that the group is very much talented and so seeing them again will be a great honor. Fans were very happy for this as in the past months, there were already some hints regarding this comeback. I can’t wait to see them once more!!