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For the first episode of Kiss and Cry, contestants had commented about it. Kim Kyungman who is one of them had commented, “It’s really hard because I can’t move around as freely on ice as I can on land,” he said. “At first, I worried whether I’d be ready to give a great performance by the time filming began, so I’ve been practicing at least five times a week. Now, I really enjoy it. I can now do some moves that I’ve wanted to do.”
He had also chosen his biggest rival on the show. He had mentioned Son Dambi and f(x)’s Krystal while explaining that the two looks like professionals. However, for him, his biggest rival was TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho as he commented, “When I watch U-Know Yunho skate, I can’t help but gasp in wonder. He makes me think that looking as good as him really helps people in life. Maybe it’s because he’s been dancing for a while, but when he skates, he looks so cool and I can’t help but gasp in wonder.“ He also added, “Because U-Know Yunho is so cool, I think I’ll have to choose a completely different style and be extremely funny. Being funny may award me higher points from the judges.”

IU who fell on one of her routine so her agency, LOEN Entertainment had stated with Newsen, “In the last couple of months, IU had a lot of schedules. Despite having to deal with killer schedules both overseas and locally, IU practiced figure skating passionately and enthusiastically. She wakes up early in the morning to go to the practice room and when she returns late at night, quite often she drags her fatigued body to the practice room again.” And they added, “Although it’s true that compared to the rest, she had less time to practice figure skating, IU practiced in her spare time and it’s regrettable that her efforts were not recognized. In future, she will continue to do her best for the show.” Despite of this, people are expecting that she will be having a greater performance for the next broadcast.