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The charismatic members of CNBLUE have recently been interviewed about their scheduled appearance at an upcoming concert titled “K-POP Girls in Love & Boys in Power LIVE in Hong Kong 2011.” They are set to perform on a star-studded stage alongside renowned artists miss A, SISTAR, KARA, f(x), 2AM, ZE:A, and labelmate FT Island on August 23rd and 24th.
During the interview, the members expressed their feelings of remorse for not being able to come back to Hong Kong as much as they would like to. Memories of the last time they performed resurfaced as the members explained, “The fans didn’t just welcome us at the airport. Their enthusiastic cheers gave us strength throughout our performance as well.”
As the upcoming concert will mark the first time CNBLUE has been back to Hong Kong in a year, they dutifully state, “We’ve prepared the best stage to repay the fans.”
When prodded for details about his plans for the concert and whether he has thought about exercising his talents aside from guitar, CNBLUE’s leader Yonghwa mysteriously answers, “I like drums and keyboard too. But the details of the performance have to be kept secret. If anybody wants to know, they should come to see our performance.”
CNBLUE went on to answer some questions about their daily life in general. The interviewer found that CNBLUE’s current favorite foreign artists are collectively Bon Jovi, Mr. Big, and Maroon 5. Although they rarely have arguments, nothing too serious is likely to happen if they ever do disagree.
“The other members usually tell some jokes, and the tension just dissipates.”