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Talented, charming, and unbelievably down-to-earth, it’s no surprise that L.A.-based musician Clara C has drawn a fiercely loyal following. When we went to her live show inNew York City on November 12th, it was easy to see why.

Taking over the famous Highline Ballroom, Clara C’s final show for her ‘Shakin Off Silence‘ tour felt more like a warm jam session with friends, as Clara C and her guests New Heights and Marie “Mree” Hsiao worked together to make it a night dedicated to music and laughter.

Marie “Mree” Hsiao, a budding artist who’s starting to gain a following of her own on YouTube, opened the show with a live acoustic performance that cast a spell over the audience. Her husky, pure voice was delivered with a control that made it hard to believe that she was 18 years old.

New Heights soon followed with a high energy setlist comprised of their biggest tracks like “Peaches”, “Someday”, “Closer”, and “Take Me On”. On their last song, lead vocalist Travis Graham surprised everyone by stepping off stage and walking through the crowd, connecting directly with audience members for a big statement finale.

Soon, the leading lady of the night came out to kick off her show, which featured a mix of popular tracks from her first album, ‘Art in My Heart‘, as well as selections from her upcoming release.

Clara filled the room with her soulful voice for an a cappella beginning to “Offbeat”, followed by an acoustic cover that had the entire crowd singing along at the chorus. She then happily jammed away to“The Camel Song” and “Heartstrings”, before pouring her voice into a heartwarming cover of“Eventually”.

On top of performing her original songs, Clara delighted the crowd with a few special covers, including her viral rendition of Far*East Movement‘s “Rocketeer”. The singer-songwriter also exhibited her wide array of musical expertise, as she performed the melodica, kazoo, and other quirky instruments on top of the guitar and keyboard.

After collaborating with Travis Graham on “Wake Up in Neverland“, Clara ended the show with a yet-to-be-released track called “Fish”, her “ultimate love song” about the search to finding one’s soulmate — that is, his/her special fish in the sea. Clara C’s warm personality combined with the venue’s cozy intimacy drew the audience in, so that it felt like she was talking and singing to you, not as a performer, but a familiar friend. Between tracks, Clara introduced the audience to her manager, the band, and other staff members, while easily sharing stories she had picked up from the tour. Even midway through a few songs, she’d occasionally burst out laughing and thanked the audience for their vocal support.

Clara C’s concert in NYC held no pretensions or grandiose gimmicks to match the flashy stereotypes of a continental tour – she brought herself and her love for music, and everyone there could feel her genuine joy. Attendees were overheard saying, “She’s gonna charm the hell out of Southeast Asia and Australia,” and after experiencing that night with them, we could only agree.