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At the mention of all of the achievements they’ve made thus far, such as winning the ‘Best New Band in the World’ on MTV Iggy, ranking in at 6th place on ‘SPIN‘ magazine, and ranking 3 music videos into the ‘Top 10? most watched K-Pop music videos of the year, CL stated, “Through music, we’re diminishing the border between countries in the world. Instead of setting one country as a target, I’m just looking forward to our music being accepted everywhere. This is only our beginning, and people often ask us about what we’ve accomplished so far when it’s only been two years since our debut. I guess people think we’ve been around for a while (laughter). We have a long road ahead of us.”

YG Entertainment has already announced that they’ll be releasing a new girl group next year with a ‘pretty concept.’ CL concluded, “I’m not upset. Positively speaking, we’re different from other girl groups(laughter). I think it’s right for YG’s next group to be different from us. We’re going to just make sure we keep our uniqueness going, haha!”