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Yesterday, we had reported that the Korean television network KBS had released statement regarding the issues about the boy group JYJ and mainly discussed why the trio is banned from their television broadcasts. They stated that their reason is because of the current conflict between JYJ and their past agency which is SM Entertainment. They also expressed that this may cause some issues to their company if they will allow the group to make an appearance.

Regarding this, the current agency of the trio, CJES Entertainment had stated that their statement is truly “illogical”. The management had also revealed, “In the case of the lawsuit that KBS has made an issue of, the court already ruled last year that SM Entertainment’s subordinate contract with JYJ was invalid [because] the contract was unilateral and unfair to JYJ.” The court had already declared an indirect compulsory order that calls for SM Entertainment to stop their manipulative actions in ceasing interference with the activities of the three. And this matter is direct conflict with what KBs had stated as they focused with the lawsuit and the alleged two contracts of JYJ. The CJES Entertainment had also expressed their disappointment to the network as KBs seems to treat JYJ as a hindrance in the Hallyu Wave and so they asked if the network can change their treatment to the trio.

As we all know, JYJ is chosen as the honorary ambassadors of the World Overseas Korean Traders Association (World OKTA) and they are also representing the Jeju Island for the Seven New Wonders of Nature. Since KBS which is a government running network had referred the group as a hindrance to “the overall growth and system of the country’s cultural industry”, how can possibly people believe them when they are saying those things to the people who are also under them.

Many cases have been happened between JYJ and KBS, and so the fans of the trio do not appreciate their statement. They had commented that they don’t even know what is running on KBS and why they had stated those things about JYJ.