Home » Choi Sung Bong says, “i committed suicide multiple times”

Choi Sung Bong, the semi-finalist of tvN’s ‘Korea’s Got Talent‘, became an international people after the media became aware of his extremely difficult life prior to his audition. He recently revealed the severity of his depression during an interview with CNN.
On August 21st, CNN interviewed Choi Sung Bong, who’s also being recognized as Korea’s ‘Susan Boyle‘, and aired his final performance on stage. During the interview, the reporter asked Choi Sung Bong about who influenced him and how he dealt with his troubled past.
Choi Sung Bong confessed, “I felt like my life was meaningless so I attempted to commit suicide multiple times.” He added, “I felt calm when I listened to music, music was my only friend when I was lonely.”
He also commented, “I’m glad that through this chance, people got to hear my songs and if there was anyone who was motivated by it, then there is nothing more I would have asked for.”
After the interview, the anchor ended the segment with, “Even though Choi Sung Bong finished 2nd in the competition, his story and his voice gave hope to those all around the globe“.

credits: allkpop