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Choi Sung Bong revealed, “I want to live amongst normal people. And I wish underprivileged children didn’t have to suffer pain.”
In a phone interview with Herald Media, he stated, “When I was younger, I met a lot of people in the adult entertainment business. I haven’t had the chance to talk to ordinary people. I want to learn how to associate with normal citizens.”

He continued, “Normal people can meet with their friends to share their burdens and encourage each other. But I don’t have friends; I have my music. Music has offered me the comfort I needed, but now I would like to have relationships with average people.”
“Children should never have to suffer through what I did,” he stated.

At the age of 3, he has no name and was living in an orphanage. He left the orphanage when he reached 5 then continuing his life by selling different things like gum and energy drinks, most of the time he slept on the public bathrooms.

And whe was asked about his past, he stated, “Each day, I didn’t know if tomorrow would come. When you’re poor and hungry, no matter who you are, you resort to stealing. And the only people around me were violent and drunk people.”

Because he was never given a name, everyone around him would call him things like “Hey” or “You bastard”, but a lady who ran a cart bar near the nightlife scene felt bad for him and gave him the name, “Ji Sung”.

His name was recorded as “Choi Sung Bong”, the name he “doesn’t like”. He cherished the name the cart bar lady gave him; he says it feels more like his own name.

He also explained, “I wanted to sing, but I didn’t have the money to learn. I looked online for vocal instructors and found some, but none were willing to teach for free. In the end, I did find someone, but I only had one lesson a month, so it was really hard to get better.”
As for his final performance, he stated, “I’m intimidated by all of the sudden attention, but I’m going to do my best. I’m not sure if I can win; the results aren’t up to me, but I think if I put in the hard work, it’ll pay off.”