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As Korea’s first ever bi-racial group, Chocolat immediately caught everyone’s attention thanks to their unique, if not exotic appeal. While the girls are certainly cute and charming, many expressed interest in learning about their parents’ love stories.
Born in America and raised in Japan, Tia (15) spent her adolescent years going back and forth between Korea and Japan. She said, “I was born in America but after six months, I flew to Japan. When I was 7 years old, I came to Korea, but then returned to Japan when I was 10. I went back to Korea after just two years. I’ve been in Korea for about two years so far.”

Tia continued, “My mom and my dad first met when my mom moved to Hawaii. She said that it was love at first sight. They married shortly after and she had to move to Japan because of my dad’s work.”

Maknae Melanie (15) also revealed that her parents first met when they were in Hawaii. Melanie said, “My mom and her friend owned a restaurant together in Hawaii, and my dad said he fell in love with my mom when he ate at her restaurant. My dad was a soldier at the time, but he still followed my mom around. After a while, he brought my grandparents over to introduce my mom, and they got married.”

Melanie and Tia’s mothers’ were already acquainted with one another from when they lived in Hawaii, and bonded quickly as they shared many similarities, one being that their daughters were of similar age. It was because of Tia’s mother that Melanie’s mother became aware of the group Chocolat.

Julianne (19) told a similar story about her parents, as she explained, “I heard that they met through a friend. I’m not sure how the story goes, but I think that my dad liked my mom more. They married, gave birth to me, and then left for Texas when I was about 6 years old. We lived there for about 5 years“.

The eldest member, SoA (23) shared that she managed to become a part of Chocolat after auditioning in Australia. As for her parents’ love story, she explained, “My mom and my dad are 7 years apart. They say that my dad kept following my mother around. My mom was naive and young, so she fell for my dad’s perseverance. Luckily because of him, I was born.”

Last, but certainly not least, Jae Yoon (21) revealed, “My parents were a campus couple. They already had their future set.”
Jaeyoon ended her story with a little comment directed towards her parents, “I’m always thankful for my parents. There are still so many hardships I have to go through, but I want to make my parents proud. That’s my main goal.”