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Bi-racial girl group Chocolat has dressed up in traditional hanbok dresses to send fans their first-ever Chuseok greetings.

With a laugh, they revealed, “We’ve always loved wearing hanboks.” Although three of the members grew up in the States, they still celebrated Chuseok with their families.

Juliane revealed, “I’d spend Chuseok with rice cakes made by my mom and aunt. I didn’t know at the time that it was such a big holiday. It’s a lot of fun making songpyeon with my relatives in Korea.”

Tia added, “My cousins took me out shopping in Myungdong after I came to Korea for Chuseok, and I was excited to see all the pretty clothes and people. I made songpyeon at home, but I guess I got kind of ambitious because I made them kind of weird, which caused my family members to tease me.”

She continued, “It’s not just when we’re wearing hanbok that we feel Korean. We’ve always strongly felt Korean and are in love with Korean culture and its holidays.”

Melanie revealed, “My mom dressed me in hanboks often when I was a child. They’re such beautiful dresses and I feel like I’ve truly grown as an adult after wearing one now.”

The members will be briefly spending their holiday with their families before going back to the training room. Leader Min Soa stated, “The holiday is four days long. I’m going to go home for at least one of the days and spend the rest in the training room with the other members. We’re going to train hard so that we can meet you with a better image after the holidays.”

Jae Yoon stated, “If we can’t go home on the day of Chuseok, I’m planning to make songpyeon at the dorm with the other members. We have to spend the rest of our time on our ‘Syndrome’ training.”

She concluded, “As soon as we made our debut, our cousins sent a lot of supportive calls and text messages. Although we might not be able to see them during Chuseok because of our training, we’re going to work hard so that we can stand confidently before them next year.”