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Recently, very sad news had surpassed in the internet as another artist had commits suicide. As we all know, it is just days after Song Jee Seon, the anchorwoman of MBC Sports Plus had committed suicide by jumping from her 19th floor apartment and now, the former member of SG Wannabe, Chae Dong Ha was found dead last Friday. The Eunpyung police had revealed Chae, 30 had committed a suicide by hanging himself inside his house in Bulkwang-dong. The police officer stated, “The singer was found dead in his home” and “The police were at the scene by 11:30 a.m. and they are currently examining the crime scene”.

The agency of the actor had stated, “Chae has always suffered from depression” and “He recently returned to Korea after completing his Japanese promotional tour. This morning, we weren’t able to contact him so we called 911”. It has just only exactly four days since Song had took her own life and all of this news is creating great shock within the Korean industry. Some entertainers as well as his fans had expressed their grief with this as they stated, “It’s hard to comprehend two celebrities have killed themselves less than a week apart”, said by one a insider in the netretianmnet sector and “This is a shock for us all”, wrote a netizen. “It’s very unfortunate”.

The now late singer had quitted from the SG Wannabe in the year 2008 was working as a solo artist since then. It is such an unfortunate matter for him to die in a young age and so we are praying for his soul. We wish for his soul to find the right way for him and also for Song. Fans who had also mourning for him needs to stay strong, we can’t do anything about it anymore and so until the end express your love for him by praying for his soul.