Home » Cha Seungwom praises T-ara!

On the 20th of October, Cha Seungwom met with the press and revealed that T-ara is experienced and great in acting, further stating that as an actor he felt that he had to work even harder.

Cha Seungwon then went on to state, “We had a lot to shoot and it was tiring. But they smoothy completed the shooting, while expressing each of the characters with different colors. Of course, we can see some individual variation. Everyone has an acting skill and that is more than an advantage. They’re some skilled friends who can do well in acting and other directions.”

Meanwhile, Cha Seungwon also expressed the reason why he decided to appear in T-ara‘s music video. According to Cha Seungwon, “After the end of ‘The Greatest Love,’ I wanted to act again, so I accepted this offer. But the schedule is as hard as shooting an episode of a drama for 4 days. So now my interest in acting is slowly disappearing.”

T-ara‘s upcoming music video will be large scale project with costs reaching to a million won. It is said to be a thirty minute drama and will be directed by Cha Euntaek, the master in music video filming. Besides Cha Seungwon, Ji Changwook and the rest of T-ara are set to take roles in the music video.

Aside from the music video, T-ara’s new album continues to gain interest as it will feature South Korea’s best songwriters such as Jo Yeongsoo, Brave Brothers, Shinsadong Tiger, Kang Jiwon, and many others. The album is scheduled to be released this November.

Meanwhile, you can check out the glimpse of T-ara’s upcoming music video through the newly release concept photos for “Cry Cry.”