Home » “CEO Yang Hyun Suk told me that I am unappealing” – Gummy

Solo YG Entertainment artist’s Gummy shared her thoughts on joining MBC‘s ‘I Am a Singer‘.

During her interview that took place before the 6th of November airing of the program, the singer remarked, “When I first saw the program, I was overcome with shock. The fact that it was a competition amongst professional singers was simply shocking. I wondered if I had the talent or even the right to be on such a program, but I decided to join because it would be an honor to even be amongst these talented legends.”

“I want to slowly earn the respect of our viewers and show them everything I have. You’re going to regret it if you vote me off the show,” she joked.

Gummy also revealed how she became a member of the YG Entertainment family.

She admitted, “CEO Yang Hyun Suk told me that I was a good singer but I had no unique appeal and didn’t like me… That’s what he said to me at least, but turns out he was singing my praises to everyone else behind the scenes.”

She also shared, “I really wanted to do music when I was younger, but I never had a piano.”

Gummy sang Lee Sora‘s “I am Happy” on the episode of ‘I Am a Singer’ that aired on the 6th.