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Hong Seung Sung, CEO of Cube Entertainment, the agency behind 4minute, B2ST, and G.NA revealed his thoughts on the ever-growing K-pop sensation.

Hong was present at the Cube Entertainment press conference that was held at the Lotte Hotel on December 26th. “K-pop has now become a genre of music that’s relevant all over the world,” he said. ”As long as we develop the current structure we have and continue to supplement it, K-pop can survive another 10-20 years.”

“This is just the beginning for K-POP. How long K-pop lasts depends on how well we establish the current system. K-pop has infinite potential to become explosive,” Hong continued.

The Cube Entertainment artists joined together under the name ‘United Cube’ and traveled the world to put on performances for their fans. They hit major cities such asLondon,Sao Paulo,Tokyo, and more. B2ST will also be embarking on their world tour in February, putting on their first performance inSeoul.

“60% of the world’s population is Asian,” the CEO continued. “Knowing that, these Asian stars will soon become world stars. There is a lot of hope for K-pop.”

“We will be releasing a new 7-member idol group early next year and release another girl group towards the end of 2012. Noh Jihoon [a Birth Of A Star contestant] will also be debuting as a soloist,” he concluded.