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The Brown Eyed Girls, or often abbreviated as B.E.G is a South Korean girl group that is under the management of Nega Network. The group is consists of four members, Jea, Miryo, Narsha ang Ga In respectively. The group had debuted in the year 2006, and had raised their popularity through a number of hit singles that begins with 2008’s “Love”.

On the 20th of July, 2009, Brown Eyed girls had released their third full length album, the double disc sound G. Even though the first song that was unveiled in the public is “Candy Man”, but the single that they had promoted was “Abracadabra”. The release of their album saw a very intense change in the image of the group, as the members had shown a very independent and matured side of them as city girls.

The releases of the music video for their song “Abracadabra” had face a lot of controversy. As the group had sported a more provocative dances and visual styles, the criticisms about the video has arisen for the suggestive and very erotic themes that their video had represent. Few days later, they had release a stage version of the music video that focuses mainly on the choreography.  “Abracadabra” was composed by Ji Nu and Min Soo Lee. Ji-nu was a very famous bassist in the legendary acid-jazz band of South Korea, Roller Coaster.

The Brown Eyed Girls had revealed repackaged version for their album “Sign” that included a new single with the same title, another song which is “Drunk on Sleep” and a remix version of their previous hit “Abracadabra”.  The music video for “Sign” was released alongside the repackaged album. The said music video had caused a lot of controversies because of its content; it had featured scenes that have violence and death, showing Ga-In frowning inside a tank of water. “Sign” had reached a god success, but it does not meet the success that the group had gained from their previous single “Abracadabra”

After their success in the albums, two of their members were selected for the popular variety shows in Korea. Ga-in had appeared on We Got Married with 2AM’s Jo Kwon since September 2009, they are one of the sweetest couple. The couple was said to be very popular in the country and one of the most recognizes virtual couples in the show. Narsha who had made a solo debut in the year 2010 had appeared on Invincible Youth also known as G7; she was there since October 2009.

On January 17th, the Japanese music video for their song “Sign” was released, and the group is planning to begin the promotions in early 2011.

On the other hand, the group is planning to have a Korean comeback, and their fourth studio album was recently rumored to be released on March 201, but the stated month date of release is found to be untrue. The facts is that the group is actually in the middle of their preparation for the said comeback