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As very much anticipated the comeback of Brown Eyed Girls this coming summer, the group had then experience another delay for it. Recently it was reported that they had disposed a total of 15 tracks in an album because it does not meet up their expectations, showing that the members are all perfectionists on this matter. And up to now, the group had mark that they had disposed a total of three albums’ worth of recording.

On the 16th of May, Nega Network had stated, “The girls have been working on their album amidst their busy schedules with sitcoms and radio DJing. After 2009’s ‘Abracadabra‘ became a hit, the industry adopted an electronic trend so we can no longer identify it with the Brown Eyed Girls’ musical color.” They had also added, “We trashed songs that they recorded three times already, and the girls are adamant about filling the album with fresh new sounds, nothing like the repetitive beats that we are used to hearing lately. We’ve received over 700 demos, which take a long time to screen. A lot of time is invested in trying to find high quality songs.”

As you can be able to see, much people are getting tired of hearing different artists that has no talent at all and so they are searching for the one who can fill up their expectations. Since the group had already marked and created a name with their first and second album, this new one is much more anticipated as it makes the netizen curious what will be the style of song that after trashing three albums will finally meet up the girls’ expectations.

The Nega Network had also stated, “We’ve finalized about half of the album’s overall production. We’re preparing a style that exceeds anything anticipated by their fans, so please look forward to it.” And so this is the reason for another uproar of fans in anticipation of this album.