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Recently, Brian Joo had showed his undying friendship with his former labelmate, Dong Bang Shin Ki when he posted a recent picture. Brian Joo is a member of the Fly to the Sky which was under the management of SM Entertainment until the year 2004.

After posting and uploading the photo, he had commented, “My precious dongsaengs Yunho & Changmin, with whom I’ve been close to even before debut”.

Brian was seen to be smiling brightly in the picture as he supports the friendly weight coming from the two members of TVXQ, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, respectively.  Even though Brian is actually a senior of the group, his amusing youthful looks and close relationship with the duo makes him seem like he is part of the said group as well. The picture also shows how different was their height to each other as we all know that the duo are one of those Korean artists that has a good height especially to their maknae, Max Changmin.

The netizens had expressed their comments of amazement upon seeing the photo, as they said, “Between the two, he’s the one that looks like the dongsaeng”, “This is a heartwarming picture”, “Brian looks the youngest”, and “Don’t let your friendship change”.

As we all know, not only to these two members that Brian Joo had a good relationship, but also to the other three members Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun which are currently in dispute with their management company because of some reasons.
In Korea, it is nice to see how people interact with each other even though they are neither on the same ages nor on the same company anymore. This also shows how Dong Bang Shin Ki has been good fellow to their seniors during their before debut days. But we all know that the group doesn’t only had a good relationship with seniors but also to their dongsaengs just like how they vowed to the new formed groups during their come back last January, where some groups stated, “even though they are already our seniors, seeing them vowing to us makes us somewhat grateful”