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Following other groups, Brave Girls shared their Chuseok greetings!

With a laugh, the girls stated, “We’ll finally be able to spend Chuseok with our family. It’s the first major holiday that we’re celebrating since our debut. We’re planning to eat delicious food with our family and relatives, and we’re already so excited at the thought of it.”

Yejin continued, “We debuted in April, but have been dorming together for a while now. We haven’t had a lot of time during any of the holidays to see our families, but recently received permission for a vacation. We’re going home for the first time in six to seven months! We moved houses between then, so I want to hurry up and see our new place (laughter).” Yejin also added, “I grew up in Canada, so I never had songpyun before, but I’m going to eat a lot of it this time.”

Yoojin stated, “We rehearsed a lot last year during Chuseok. We were up by nine and were back home around 12 after rehearsals and exercise. I remember we also had to stay behind to clean up our training room when it rained all night and the room flooded.”

Brave Girls concluded, “Until we win on a music program, we’re not allowed to have internet, TV, or cell phones. We wanted this rule ourselves.  We hope that we’ll be able to meet our fans on a variety of stages and get our name out there more.”